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Product Specification

Product Name:Agronomic Modeling Daily Prediction
Product SKU:71551-03
Revision Date:2024-01-08

Product Overview


Agronomic Modeling Daily Prediction includes the operation of a trained agronomic model for making thirty (30) predictions at a daily cadence for any number of locations/areas of interest. The primary steps in this process include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • i) making the predictions for all areas of interest and dates
  • ii) delivering prediction results to Customer
  • All Agronomic Modeling Products

Deliverables Summary

  • 30 Daily Predictions


  • Requires Agronomic Modeling Training and Evaluation (71550-00)
  • Requires Agronomic Modeling Prediction Setup (71551-00)
  • Requires FieldAgent Enterprise License (61006-##) or Enterprise Analytics Upload/Export Surcharge (71010-09)



Model Prediction (89003-00)

Model Prediction (89003-00)


Model Prediction provides predicted values from each agronomic model for each prediction date, each response variable, and each area of interest

Deliverable List

Model PredictionGeoJSON, CSVPredicted values for each response variable and each area of interest

Data Attributes

Model Prediction
AttributeDescriptionUnits MetricUnits Imperial
response_variableResponse Variable for which prediction is made
unitUnit of the response variable
predict_dateDate for which prediction is madeYYYY-mm-ddYYYY-mm-dd
run_datetimeDatetime at which Sentera ran the predictionYYYY-mm-dd HH:MM:SS.fYYYY-mm-dd HH:MM:SS.f
value_predPrediction value--