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Product Specification

Product Name:Field Scale Tassel Count
Product SKU:71302-00
Revision Date:2024-03-14

Product Overview


Field Scale Tassel Count provides tassel count at representative locations across a field. This product utilizes high-resolution RGB imagery captured at sampled locations across a field to deliver a Spot Scout layer.

Recommended Use Cases

  • Plant Population
  • Plant Growth
  • Growth Stage
  • Yield Potential
  • Crop Damage
  • Area of Interest Variability

Supported Crops

  • Corn/Maize

Deliverables Summary

  • Spot Scout Tassel Count


General Requirements

  • Requires FieldAgent Agronomic Advisor Premium (61005-03) license, FieldAgent Enterprise License (61006-##), or Enterprise Analytics Upload/Export Surcharge (71010-09)
  • Requires Field Scale Project Setup (71300-00)
  • Imagery collected following all "Data Capture Requirements"
  • Imagery uploaded to the FieldAgent Field created by Field Scale Project Setup (71300-00)
  • Order Analytics submitted for Tassel Count for uploaded Survey
  • Kernel count required (for yield estimate)

Data Capture Requirements

Imagery Type

  • RGB

Ground Sample Distance

  • Less than 0.3cm

Timing by Crop

Crop Timing/Growth StagePlant Size
Deliverables depend on growth stage, plant size, and planting density.
Growth stage for Corn is defined using the leaf collar method.

Flight Specifications

SensorAltitudeSpeedOverlapFlight DirectionBufferHeadingGimbal PitchTerrain Informed
Double 4K (Analytics)150ft (46m)22mph (10m/s)-70%Any-100ft (-30m)Auto-90° (Nadir)On
65R100ft (30m)15mph (7m/s)-250%Any-100ft (-30m)Forward-90° (Nadir)On
Parameters may be adjusted for specific field geometries and data volume goals

Environmental Conditions

Imagery should be captured between the time of 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset. Consistent lighting conditions required for best results, including avoidance of hard shadows cast over the field which cause bright spots and dark spots in the dataset.
Wind conditions should be within the specified limits of the aircraft or system being used to carry the imaging sensor.
There should be no active precipitation during imagery capture.



Spot Scout Tassel Count (84002-00)

Spot Scout Tassel Count (84002-00)


Deliverable List

Tassel CountShapefile, GeoJSON, CSVSummary statistics for representative field locations
Tassel Count HeatmapGeoTiff Interpolated map of summary statistics across representative field locations

Data Attributes

Tassel Count
AttributeDescriptionUnits MetricUnits Imperial
CountStand count of the image measured in plants per acre/hectarecount per hectarecount per acre
Yield EstimateYield estimate based on representative kernel count measurementsbushels per hectarebushels per acre