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Product Specification

Product Name:Flight Services Aerial WeedScout Data Capture
Product SKU:71007-05
Revision Date:2024-03-08

Product Overview


Flight Services Aerial WeedScout Data Capture provides full-service image data capture designed to meet requirements for fulfilling Field Scale Aerial WeedScout (71310-02). This product is priced and delivered on a per field, per flight basis.

  • Image Capture
  • Herbicide Application
  • Targeted Spray Application

Deliverables Summary

  • Image data capture and delivery of raw imagery.


General Requirements

  • All "Program Requirements" met

Flight Performance Details

Data Capture

Sentera will perform all flights using its own equipment, including aircraft, sensors, and ground control point surveying equipment (if required). Sentera will use camera, sensors, and drones appropriate to the objectives of the Customer for the project.

Sentera may subcontract flights to one of Sentera’s global flight service partners that have extensive agricultural flight service experience in their own countries and are leading subject matter experts in agricultural drone use. Sentera’s partners bring additional value as they: speak the local language, can coordinate directly with local field managers as needed, and understand and comply-with local drone regulations.

Safety Procedures

Sentera will adhere to all Customer site safety procedures and guidance when operating within or near the specified field area. This includes all safety precautions required by the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS) issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where applicable.

Regulation Compliance

Sentera and its sub-contractors will adhere to local, regional, and national laws and regulations for operations of unmanned aircraft.

Program Requirements

Flight Scheduling and Coordination

Customer will provide a detailed list of quantity, size, approximate locations, growth stage estimation of fields, and approximate data collection schedule.

In particular:

  • Customer will provide Planting and Emergence Dates within 7 days of occurence
  • Customer will provide forecast of Planned Spray Application Date on a weekly basis
  • Customer will confirm Scheduled Flight Date with minimum 2 days notice, with Flight Date scheduled for at least 2 days prior to Planned Spray Application Date
  • Customer will schedule Flight Dates for less than or equal to 1/3 of Fields per Week (i.e., Program Period of at least 3 Weeks)

Sentera will work closely with the local field supervisors to schedule the appropriate day for data collection to ensure proper growth stage of the crop. The schedule will be updated based on actual planting dates and conditions on the ground. If weather or other factors prevent drone operations, flights may be delayed or rescheduled for the next day.

Customer is responsible for ensuring field and image collection access issues are resolved prior to arrival of Sentera pilot, including but not limited to: ensuring irrigation and other equipment is moved out of the way of the trial and required flight area(s), ensuring re-entry intervals for pesticides to not conflict with Pilot’s scheduled field visit, or other conflicting field work is not occurring within the trial and flight area.

Field Location Requirements

Sentera maintains a global network of pilots trained and certified to capture data at agricultural fields for Sentera’s analytic data products. The field locations for each project are required to be within one of the Aerial WeedScout Program Regions supported by Sentera Flight Services. A map of the Sentera Flight Services network for Aerial WeedScout Program Regions in 2024 is available upon request.

Field Area Requirements

Customer will provide proposed fields and field areas within the Minimum and Maximum ranges provided below. Sentera will cature data on a subset of approximately one-half of field proposed by Customer, with the decision to capture data from a given field on a given date at the sole discretion of Sentera based on factors including but not limited to: field location, crop growth stage, and weather conditions.


  • 500 Acres
  • 5 Fields
  • 40 Acres per Field


  • 5000 Acres
  • 50 Fields
  • 320 Acres per Field

Flight Authorization

There must be legal authorization and pilot access to fly each requested field location

Program Evaluation Requirements

Customer must complete follow-up survey, interview, and/or testimonial

FieldAgent License and FieldInsights Products

Fulfillment of orders placed require an additional purchase of Field Scale Aerial WeedScout (71310-02) and FieldAgent Enterprise Analytics License (61006-##).


Deliverable Timing

  • Deliverables, as specified, provided within 24 hours of completion of performed Flight Date, contingent upon completion of all "General Requirements"


  • Imagery captured according to “Data Capture Requirement” for Field Scale Aerial WeedScout (71310-02) for Flight Date.
  • Order placed for Field Scale Aerial WeedScout (71310-02)


  • JPEG (or equivalent format)