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Product Specification

Product Name:Permanent Crop Demonstration Project
Product SKU:71660-02
Revision Date:2023-11-18

Product Overview


Permanent Crop Demonstration Project enables a validation project for no more than two Permanent Crop Products using imagery previously captured by a Customer.

  • Demonstration of Permanent Crop Products

Deliverables Summary

  • Up to 2 Permanent Crop Products (restrictions may apply)


General Requirements

  • All "Field Boundary Information" provided
  • All Requirements for selected Permanent Crop Products met

Field Boundary Information

Customer will provide field boundary information to Sentera so that field boundaries can be created in FieldAgent.

Field Size Requirement

All field boundaries used for this Permanent Crop Demonstration Project must be less than 5 acre in size. If a customer submits an individual field greater than 5 acres in size, Sentera will choose an area of 5 acre in size to provide deliverables for.



  • Up to 2 Permanent Crop Products (restrictions may apply)


  • Permanent Crop Demonstration Project is intended only for use in a proof-of-concept project, and allows for delivery of no more than 2 Permanent Crop Products.
  • All Permanent Crop Products delivered under Permanent Crop Demonstration Project must be derived from imagery previously captured by Customer from a single image capture date.
  • Certain Permanent Crop Products may be excluded from Permanent Crop Demonstration Project at Sentera's discretion.