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Product Specification

Product Name:Plot Canopy Cover Curve
Product SKU:71204-02
Revision Date:2024-01-12

Product Overview


Plot Canopy Cover Curve characterizes the extent of and change over time of vegetation cover, and is related to measurements of ground cover, biomass, and leaf area index. This product provides daily estimates of canopy cover values derived from measurements of canopy cover from previous image capture dates.

Recommended Use Cases

  • Plant Growth
  • Biomass
  • Canopy Development
  • Leaf Area Index
  • Radiation Interception
  • Canopy Senescence
  • Growth Stage
  • Crop Health
  • Crop Stress
  • Nutrient Status
  • Disease
  • Water Stress
  • Plot Quality
  • Plot Deactivation
  • Temporal Trend

Supported Crops

  • Any Crop

Deliverables Summary

  • Plot Canopy Cover Curve


General Requirements

  • Requires Plot Project Setup (71200-00)
  • Requires Plot Canopy Cover with Uniformity (71204-00) or Plot Canopy Cover with Uniformity and Change (71204-01) from at least 3 dates, including an image representing for each plot: (1) early vegetative growth; (2) maximum canopy cover; (3) senescence
  • Contract Defined - Non-Mosaic Based submitted for "Plot Canopy Cover Curve (71204-02)" for uploaded Survey from final date



Plot Canopy Cover Curve (83013-00)

Plot Canopy Cover Curve (83013-00)


Estimated daily Canopy Cover value using double logistic function fitting method.

Deliverable List

Plot Canopy Cover CurveShapefile, GeoJSON, CSVPlot-level estimated value

Data Attributes

Plot Canopy Cover Curve
AttributeDescriptionUnits MetricUnits Imperial
Date (YYYY-MM-DD)Calendar Date
Date (DOY)Day of Year
Estimated Canopy Cover (%)Estimated percent of the plot covered by vegetation
Estimated Canopy Cover Area (m^2)Estimated area of the plot covered by vegetation