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Product Specification

Product Name:Plot Project Setup
Product SKU:71200-00
Revision Date:2024-03-29

Product Overview


Plot Project Setup enables plot scale analytics by creating required project data layers including field layout and plot layout, ensuring data capture requirements are met, and establishing a project management team. The field layout spatial file is used to enable data capture upload to and ordering analytics from FieldAgent across multiple image capture dates. The plot layout spatial file is used to summarize statistics on a per-plot basis for each Plot analytic and is used in tandem with precision aligned mosaics to provide the individual Plot analytics for imagery over multiple dates. Plot Project Setup is required for each field that subsequent data processing will be performed on.

Recommended Use Cases

  • Project Setup

Deliverables Summary

  • Field Layout
  • Plot Layout


General Requirements

  • "Project Kick-Off Form" completed at least 30 days prior to project start date
  • All "Field Boundary Information" provided
  • All "Plot Layout Information" provided
  • All "Ground Control Point Installation" requirements fulfilled
  • All "Integrated Project Team and Program Management" members identified
  • Requires FieldAgent Enterprise License (61006-##) or Enterprise Analytics Upload/Export Surcharge (71010-09)

Project Kick-Off Form

At least 30 days prior to project start date (i.e. prior to any data capture or processing), Customer will fill out a Project Tracker document provided by Sentera. The Project Tracker is typically a spreadsheet shared between Customer and Sentera listing all planned fields and flight details that can be updated during the course of the project.

Field Boundary Information

Customer will provide field boundary information to Sentera so that field boundaries can be created in FieldAgent.

Trial Size Requirement

Plot Project Setup is supported for trial sizes up up to 5000 plots. Trials in excess of 5000 plots will require additional fee increments for Plot Project Setup (71200-00).

Plot Layout Information

Customer will provide plot layout information including, but not limited to:

  • plot map export from plot planning software
  • plot spatial data layer (e.g., shapefile)
  • row-per-plot spreadsheet export from plot planning software
  • seeding rate info for site or plot
  • row spacing

Plot Layout Requirement

All plot layouts used for Plot analytics must be contiguous and contained within a single field boundary. All plot layouts must be uniform in nature with respect to plot size, plot spacing, and plot arrangement. If a customer submits a plot layout that is not contiguous, cannot be contained within a single field boundary, and/or without uniform plot size, plot spacing, or plot arrangement, it will be sub-divided into plot layout conforming to these requirements and each sub- divided plot layout will require an individual Plot Project Setup (71200-00).

Generic Plot Layout Delivery

If a customer does not provide all necessary plot layout information within 60 days of imagery capture, a generic plot layout will be delivered. Any missing pieces of plot layout information will be generated using the following criteria.


If plot orientation is not provided, the plot in Southwest corner or nearest to the Southwest corner will be designated as the origin.

Plot Numbering

If plot identification is not provided, a standard plot ID numbering schema will be applied based off the origin as follows:

(Range or Column) * 1000 + Row (e.g. Range/Column = 1 and Row = 1 then plot ID = 1001)

Plot Size and Layout

If plot dimensions are not provided, all plots will be assumed to be 1 row. The plot length will be determined by visible alleys. If alleys are not readily distinguishable, plots will be subdivided every 5 meters spanning the length of the field.

Row Spacing

If row spacing is not provided, row spacing will be estimated from visual inspection.

Ground Control Point Installation

If the project requires ground control points (GCPs), then GCPs must be installed by either Sentera or Customer using Flight Services Ground Control Point Installation (71007-04)

Plot Trial Marker Setup

All Plot Trials must have a minimum of 1 visual marker indicating the first plot of the trial within the field. The visual marker must be visible in the imagery and must be placed in the corner of the origin of the trial.

Integrated Project Team and Program Management

Sentera is experienced in delivering complex projects for its Customers using best practices in project management and execution, including the formation of a dedicated Integrated Project Team to ensure project success through regular status and update meetings.

Sentera proposes an Integrated Project Team to execute this project with team member assignments including:

  • Sentera Project Manager
  • Customer Project Lead
  • Customer Field Supervisors or Technicians (point of contact for each site)

The Sentera project manager will provide overall management and coordination for Sentera’s effort on this project. The Sentera project manager will work directly with the customer’s assigned project lead(s).

After an initial kick-off meeting, short weekly or bi-weekly status calls will be held by the integrated project team leading up to and during key phases of the project. This ensures project success through scheduling data collections to match conditions on the ground and provide useful feedback throughout the course of the project. Project schedules will be updated throughout the project duration.



Field Layout (85001-00)
Plot Layout (85002-00)

Field Layout (85001-00)


Field boundaries created from customer provided information.

Deliverable List

Field BoundariesShapefile, GeoJSON, CSVField boundaries vector layer

Plot Layout (85002-00)


Plot boundaries created from customer provided data, imagery, and/or plot layout information.

Deliverable List

Plot BoundariesShapefile, GeoJSON, CSVPlot boundaries precision-aligned vector layer